About Us

This is an old about us page published in 2010.

Donyaye Bazi
The first Iranian official journal of computer games

ISSN 0187-8002

Donyaye Bazi is the first journal of computer games in Iran which has started its activities since 2005 with the permission of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. This journal has reached a circulation of 20000 copies over its four years of activity and is distributed to all parts of Iran.
Donyaye Bazi Journal is published once in every 15 days(two weekly paper) with a 31 43 cm (newspaper) size and 16 pages. Donyaye Bazi covers all game platforms including home consoles, PCs, handheld consoles, and cell phones.
After four years, this journal has established its place as one of the most favorite journals of the country offered to the youth who are interested in IT and entertainment. Donyaye Bazi is the second most circulated and read journal among Irans IT journals.

Editorial Board:
Donyaye Bazi Journal has a 10 fixed-member staff as its editorial team and 8 people as guest writers who all have at least BS and are experts in computer games.

Mr. Babak Namazian, Editor-in-Chief, is now a prominent counselor on computer games in Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and National Foundation of Computer Games and has contributed to the production of several games as Marketing and Design Counselor. Moreover, he has various articles on computer games published in different journals and delivered to different game conferences in the country.

Mr. Seyed Taha Rasooli, Editor, is the first one to write on computer games in Iran and a pioneer in this field. He has 7 years of writing experience in this area and writes in computer game columns of the countrys highly-circulated journals such as Jam-e-Jam and Hamshahri Javan. He has also contributed to the production of several domestic games as Game Designer and Counselor.

Mr. Farshid Pirpakajaki, Technical Editor, is a professional gamer with more than 10 years experience in game testing and translating technical IT articles.

Mrs. Ladan Minavand, Art Director, is one of the most experienced graphic designers in the field of magazine publishing.

Ms. Bahareh Ghazanfari, Public Relations & Advertising

Mr. Ahmad Ahmadi, Project Manager, has More than 8 years experience for managing, developing and evaluation in IT industrial and business projects.

Contributing Editors: Matin Izadi, Ali Mousavi, Arash Hakimi, Amir Salamati, Farhad Hassanpour, Matin Monfared, Hamid Alizadeh, Vahid Pooladi, Ali Shahsavari, Armin Salati.

During last four years the largest IT companies have sponsored Donyaye Bazi and published their advertisements in this journal. Some of these companies are as follows:
۱- Avazhang Company as an agent of LeadTech, Logitech, and Gigabyte,
۲- Sam Service Company as an agent of Samsung,
۳- Madiran Company representing LG,
۴- Sazgar Argham as an agent of EliteGroup and XFX,
۵- Matrix Company as an agent of MSI and AMD,
۶- Darya Computer Company representing FoxCon,
۷- Parsonline, the first and largest ISP company in Iran,
۸- Datak Telecom, a large Iranian ISP company,
۹- ASUS products,
۱۰- Ati products,
and many domestic game production companies and companies which work in the field of selling home consoles and home computers software.

Since this journal has good knowledge about the customers as well as computer games, it holds several events and competitions every year enjoying support of its sponsors. Some of these are:

Close Encounter of the  Donyaye Bazi kind: Part 1
Ordinary people took part in a competition with the most prominent WarCraft and Fifa Gamers in Iran in 2007 Elecomp Exhibition. This competition was sponsored by Avazhang Company and the competitors who resisted more were awarded Logitech Keyboards.

Close Encounter of the  Donyaye Bazi kind: Part 2
The famous game “River Raid”(Atari 2600 console) was selected for a competition in 2008 Elecomp Exhibition as sponsored by Sazgar Company and the top seven competitors received XFX graphic cards as their prizes.

Sponsoring the WarCraft Game League in Iran, 2007.

Designing and Sponsoring Avazhang Companys Need for Speed game Competitions in 2005 and 2006.

Journals Contents:
۱.    “Game Letters”: readers communicate with the journal and their letters are answered in this section.
۲.    “News”: the most recent news on computer game world and industry.
۳.    “Preview”: introduction of future games.
۴.    ” Review”: reviews and essays on published games.
۵.    “Mobile Games”: Short reviews on new cell phone games.
۶.    “Brief Review”: Brief reviews on published games.
۷.    “ProFile”: Comprehensive review and criticism of a specific game or famous game series of games in a detailed file.
۸.    “Arcade”: introduction of a new arcade game.
۹.    “Flash Back”: introduction and review of recent years games.
۱۰.    “Museum”: introduction and review of prominent and influential games of computer games industry which are older than 10 years.
۱۱.    “Great Ones”: introduction of famous game producers and companies of computer games industry.
۱۲.    “Report”: reports from important events of the games world.
۱۳.    “Game Hardware”: review and introduction of hardware and accessories of computer games from mobile phones and consoles to graphic cards and professional keyboards.
۱۴.    “Game-Movie”: this section teaches how to write a story suitable for a game and provides relevant techniques.
۱۵.    “Serial”: full story of a famous and memorable game is published by instalments.
۱۶.    “Top Ten”: Ten top figures or groups from different fields of computer games are (satirically or seriously) introduced in this section.
۱۷.    “Another Word”: a separate section relating to network and online games and relevant news and reports.